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Combined Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems
- Energy Roof

Ubbink Energy Roof

The revolutionary Energy Roof system brings photovoltaic and thermal arrays together in a single system, designed to provide an attractive, integrated look.

Specially developed slimline thermal collectors and PV modules are the same height. You simply combine both types of panel within a system that looks as good as the energy savings it offers.

At last: the all-in-one solar roof

With the introduction of the Ubbink Energy Roof, a smooth overall look is at last possible. Ubbink’s specially developed slimline thermal collectors are only 42mm high, the same height as the PV modules. You simply combine both types of panel within a system that looks as good as the energy savings it offers. Ubbink has also designed matching weatherproof and fade-resistant dummy panels to fill in any gaps. The result? An elegant roof that’s easy to install and beautiful to live with.

The Ubbink Energy Roof means that you can now offer your clients a solution that’s both energy-efficient and attractive. Whether your project is a new build property or improvements to an existing home, you can be confident of achieving a smooth, integrated finish. And with energy efficiency becoming increasingly important to homeowners and public authorities alike, Ubbink’s Energy Roof system will enable you to generate new business opportunities.

A complete system of roof components

The Ubbink Energy Roof is a fully comprehensive system. In addition to the integrated arrays and panels, it includes an easily installed mounting roll, elegant aluminium finishing pieces for edges and ridges and Inverters and cabling for PV. All the different elements fit together beautifully and simply, with on-site installation time that’s comparable with conventional, non-integrated systems.

Easy to install, easy to specify

The aim of the Ubbink Energy Roof is to make it quick, simple and cost-effective to install a beautiful, complete panelled roof that makes the most of solar heating and energy. Ubbink has ensured that specifying and ordering the system is quick, simple and cost-effective too. Ubbink has developed a special configurator, allowing exact calculation of how many panels and other parts will be required for a specific roof.